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Apache Struts 2 Course Overview

Apache Struts two is a elegant, flexible frame for producing enterprise-ready Java web applications. This frame is designed to enhance the entire development cycle in the building, thereby deploying and maintaining software as time passes. Apache Struts two was initially called Internet Work 2.

Struts2 isn’t merely a new variant of Struts 1, however it’s a complete compilation of the Struts structure.

The Webwork frame initially began using Struts framework as the foundation and its aim was to offer a much improved and improved frame constructed on Struts to make web development easier for the developers.

After a time, the Webwork frame along with also the Struts community joined hands to produce the renowned Struts2 frame.


Course Objectives

  • Configurable MVC components: In struts two frame, we supply all of the elements (view elements and action) information in struts.xml file. If we must alter any information, we could easily change it from the xml file.
  • POJO based actions: Here, you aren’t forced to apply any interface or inherit some other class.
  • AJAX support: Struts 2 delivers support to ajax engineering. It’s utilized to create asynchronous request i.e. it does not obstruct the consumer. It transmits only required field information to the host side not all. Therefore that gets the performance quickly.
  • Integration Support: We can only incorporate the struts 2 software using hibernate, spring, and tiles etc.. frameworks.
  • Different Result Types: We can utilize JSP, freemarker, speed etc. technology as the result of struts 2.
  • Different Tag support: Struts 2 supplies various types of tags like UI tags, Information tags, management tags etc to alleviate the development of struts two program.
  • Theme and Template support: Struts two supplies three different types of theme support: xhtml, easy and css_xhtml. Themes and templates may be used for shared look and texture.


  • Basic MVC Architecture
  • Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Architecture
  • Examples
  • Configuration
  • Actions
  • Interceptors
  • Result Types
  • Value Stack/OGNL
  • File Uploads
  • Database Access
  • Sending Email
  • Validations
  • Localization
  • Type Conversion
  • Themes/Templates
  • Exception Handling
  • Annotations

Struts 2 Tags

  • Control Tags
  • Data Tags
  • Form Tags
  • Ajax Tags

Struts 2 Integrations

  • Spring
  • Tiles
  • Hibernate

Apache Struts 2