BackboneJS Course Overview

BackboneJS is a mild weight JavaScript library which allows to develop and structure customer side programs that run in an internet browser.

When to utilize Backbone

  • Consider you’re making a program with many lines of code utilizing JavaScript or even jQuery.

Add or replace DOM components to the program or

Make a few requests or

Show cartoon from the program or

Add greater amount of lines into your code,

Then your program could become complex.

  • If you desire a better layout without a code, then it’s far better to utilize the BackboneJS library that offers good functionality, is nicely organized and also in a structured fashion for developing your own application.
  • BackboneJS communicates through occasions; this makes sure that you don’t wreck the program.


Course Objectives


  • BackboneJS allows developing of software as well as also the frontend in a far simpler manner by utilizing JavaScript functions.
  • BackboneJS offers numerous building blocks for example models, perspectives, eventsand routers and ranges for building the customer side internet applications.
  • After a model varies, it automatically upgrades the HTML of your program.
  • BackboneJS is a very simple library which aids in separating business and consumer interface logic.
  • It behaves as a backbone to your job and helps you to arrange your code.
  • It handles the information model that includes the user information and shows that information in the host side with precisely the same format composed in the customer side.
  • It allows to make client side internet applications or cellular programs in a wellstructured along with also an organized arrangement.
  • Because Backbone allows you to clearly and modularly arrange your JavaScript into exceptionally reusable perspectives, models, etc., and it is inclined to cultivate more tasteful options.
  • Backbone’s structure is equally apparent and flexible, preventing rigid instructions, while at precisely the same time providing thoughtful areas for every portion of your program to reside. Combine this with all the beautiful occasion system which ties it all together along with a straightforward means to manage this DOM on a per opinion level, and you have got a JavaScript fantasy come true.


  • Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Applications
  • Events
  • Model
  • Collection
  • Router
  • History
  • Sync
  • View
  • Utility