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Corporate trainings offer the best Coded UI Test online training in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai in India. This is the top institute for online training for the Coded UI Test. As a leader it is committed to the enhancement of knowledge and employable skills and commitment to maintain the highest professional standards and integrity. We cover the following topics of course:

  • Benefits of Test Automation
  • Adding Assertions to the Test
  • Understanding the UI Map
  • Test Executing & Evaluating Results
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Data-driven Testing
  • Capturing Dynamic Data from Objects

All the courses are delivered by Industry experts with real time scenario which helps to build your career in a professional manner.

Coded UI Test Course Overview

CUIT are automatic tests that push the program through its user interface (UI). These evaluations require functional testing of their UI controls. It assesses the functionality of the entire program such as the user interface.

Why use coded UI for test automation

The reason why coded UI for test automation is preferred

  • Developers and Software Testers can collaborate effectively using the same tools/language.
  • It supports both webs as well as Windows projects.
  • The element identification mechanism is a great feature in Coded UI. Also, it supports synchronization
  • The Playback Engine supports features such as ‘WaitForControlExist’ , ‘WaitForReadyLevel’, etc
  • With the help of ‘Tests Agents,’ automation tests can be run on remote machines
  • Automation teams can develop sophisticated tests, using coded UI with layered framework
  • Software testers can capture exceptions and record the result effectively utilizing log4net.dll
  • Coded UI tool supports descriptive programming. It allows software testers to automate scenarios based on object properties
  • It supports AJAX controls.

Course Objectives

  • Functional Testing
  • Create code in VB/CNumber
  • Integrated using ALM narrative

Build, deploy & evaluation in lab or as part of build

Neighborhood, distant runs, information collection

  •     Rich Extensibility
  •     Intent-aware recording and springy playback


Benefits of Test Automation

  • Visual Studio Interface Overview
  • Basic on C#
  • Understanding Coded UI Test Structure
  • Test File Types
  • Understanding File Relationships
  • Creating a Coded UI Test
  • Recording Test Steps
  • Using the Recorder Controls
  • Method Generation

Adding Assertions to the Test

  • Assertions using UI Locator
  • Selecting Objects with the UI Locator
  • Using Coded UI Comparators
  • Manually Coding Assertions

Understanding the UI Map

  • Accessing the UI Map
  • Understanding Control Names and Parent Windows
  • UI Map Maintenance

Test Executing & Evaluating Results

  • Running Coded UI Tests
  • Evaluating Log Files
  • Understanding Assertion Failures
  • Collection Files

Debugging and Troubleshooting

  • Evaluationg Assertion Statements
  • Storing Expected Results
  • Updating Control Statements
  • Debugging Process

Data-driven Testing

  • Creating DataSources
  • Creating Data-Driven Tests
  • Modifying Assertions with Data Driven Tests

Capturing Dynamic Data from Objects

  • Creating Multiple UI Maps
  • Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expression Operators
  • Using Regular Expressions for Data Capture
  • Dynamic Object Handling
  • Modify Mapped Objects
  • File Input / Output
  • Reading & Writing data from files
  • Team Foundation Server API
  • Logging Options
  • Database Connectivity
  • Connecting to Databases using ODBC and SQL Connection
  • Executing Queries
  • Managing Playback Settings
  • Synchronizing Coded UI Tests
  • Wait for Condition Controls
  • Test Lab set up Guide.
  • Mapping Automated TC’s to TFS Work item
  • Continues integration build configurations
  • Framework Concepts

Coded Ui Test