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Corporate training institute Offer Real-time Project explanation and technical assistance even after course completion. The institute is top IT Educational Institute which offers world-class nature of instruction and an extensive variety of courses. The Institute has a devoted arrangement group to enable students to land position situation in different IT work parts with real organizations. Corporate trainings offer best online training for IOS with top industry experts. The course topics are as follows:

  • Environment Setup
  • SQLite Database
  • Storyboards
  • Application Debugging

IOS Course Overview

IOS is a portable operating platform developed and distributed from Apple Inc.. IOS is based from OS X, where it shares the exact Darwin base. The power of iOS could be sensed with a number of the following features supplied as a region of the device. The amount of consumers utilizing iPhone/iPad has grown a fantastic thing. This creates the chance for developers to earn money by producing software for iPhone and iPad that the Apple’s App Store.

For a one new to iOS, Apple has designed a program store in which the consumer can purchase programs developed to their iOS devices. A developer can make both free and paid programs to App Store.


Course Objectives

IOS Features

  • Notifications are all pop-ups, banner ads, along with other inputs cues which operate with the programs in your device. They are designed to Allow You to know when something needs your attention if there has been some recent activity
  • The Control Center allows you to rapidly get frequently used settings to your device, in addition to a networking panel using playback controls. Only swipe in the bottom of your Home screen to get the Control Center. The very first pane you will see comprises various settings.
  • Siri is a very useful feature which accompanies the latest variants of this iPhone (although maybe not the iPhone 4 or even sooner). Sometimes known as a virtual helper, it can assist you with all sorts of items. By way of instance, you may utilize Siri to send messages, schedule meetings, and also hunt for local restaurants.
  • Voice dictation allows you to input text without needing to use the computer keyboard. To use voice dictation, tap on the mic icon in your computer, then begin talking. The iPhone will listen to everything you say and attempt to transcribe it. You may also add punctuation by stating words such as period or even query mark when you get to the ending of a paragraph. When you are done, tap on the mic icon again, and your voice will be converted into text.
  • Sharing is also a huge part of employing the iPhone. In reality, to help you keep connected, Apple has produced a feature known as the Chat button which may be located in several different programs.
  • Syncing makes it effortless to keep things current between your pc, your own iPhone, along with some other mobile devices. In this manner, you are always going to get access to important files on any device when you want them.
  • Syncing with iTunes: It is possible to join your iPhone for your own computer working with the included USB cable.


  • Getting Started
  • Environment Setup
  • Objective-C Basics
  • First iPhone Application
  • Actions and Outlets
  • Delegates
  • UI Elements
  • Accelerometer
  • Universal Applications
  • Camera Management
  • Location Handling
  • SQLite Database
  • Sending Email
  • Audio & Video
  • File Handling
  • Accessing Maps
  • In-App Purchase
  • iAd Integration
  • GameKit
  • Storyboards
  • Auto Layouts
  • Twitter & Facebook
  • Memory Management
  • Application Debugging