Joomla Course Overview

Joomla is Content Management System (CMS) and is absolutely free and extendable that is separated to front-end and back-end templates (administrator). It is used to Build websites and online applications

The Content Management System (CMS) is a software that keeps an eye on the whole information (for instance, text, photos, audio, record, etc.) that is available in your site. It aids in publishing, editing and modifying the content of the site.


Course Objectives



  • User Supervisor − It allows handling the consumer information for example permission to edit, access, release, delete or create the user, then change the languages and password. The principal region of the user supervisor is Authentication.
  • Content Supervisor − It allows handling the articles with WYSIWYG editor to edit or create the material in a really easy manner.
  • Banner Manager − It’s used to add or edit the banner ads on the site.
  • Template Manager − It handles the designs which are utilized on the site. The templates may be implemented without altering the content structure inside a couple of seconds.
  • Media Manager − It’s the instrument for handling the media folder and files where you can quickly upload, arrange and control your media files to your post editor instrument.
  • Contact Supervisor − It allows to add connections, handling the contact information regarding their specific users.
  • Internet Link Supervisor − The connection resource is supplied for user of this website and may be sorted into classes.
  • Lookup − It allows consumers to seek the appropriate information about your website. You are able to use intelligent indexing, advanced search options, car propose searches to create Joomla look best.
  • Menu Supervisor − It allows to make shortcuts and menu objects and could be managed afterwards. It’s possible for you to place menu in almost any fashion and in multiple locations.


  • Overview
  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Control Panel
  • Toolbar
  • Menus Menu
  • Content Menu
  • Components Menu
  • Extensions Menu
  • Help Menu
  • Joomla Menus
  • Create Menus
  • Adding Menu Items
  • Modify Menu Items
  • Creating Submenus
  • Joomla Modules
  • Create Modules
  • Breadcrumb Module
  • Feed Display Module
  • Footer Module
  • Latest News Module
  • Search Module
  • Random Image Module
  • Who’s Online Module
  • Syndicate Module
  • Donation Module
  • Joomla Global Settings
  • System Settings
  • Media Settings
  • Language Manager
  • Private Messages
  • Mass Emailing
  • Cache Management
  • Users Setting
  • Debug
  • Joomla Advanced
  • Template Manager
  • Customize Template
  • Adding Template
  • Creating Template
  • Customize Logo
  • Category Management
  • Adding Content
  • Formatting Content
  • Article Metadata
  • Adding Banners
  • Adding Contacts
  • Adding News Feed
  • Adding Forum
  • Adding Web Links
  • Plugin Manager
  • Extension Manager
  • Website Backup
  • Website SEO