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Loadrunner Course Overview

Loadrunner is a automation Application and There’s More than 70 Percent Of automation tools busy great location on the marketplace. Now a days with increasing sophistication and demand of managing more customers is an excellent challenge for any business. It’s creating the significant issues of performance issues and the best solution for all these issues is utilizing the testing method to check internet applications, internet applications and ERP software. Loadrunner is instrument is utilized to perform load tests to assess whether the program manages the load in the period of peak periods. It Includes various elements such as Virtual User Interface, Agent procedure and Control, Loadrunner Evaluation and Tracking.

Loadrunner is also a perfect solution for both Performance Testing by It’s but one of the very best automated instruments such as Performance Testing and contains inhabited nearly 50 percent of this market share.

Loadrunner can  track different performance metrics and also assist segregate different client, server and network bottlenecks. Loadrunner is a group of different instruments, which assist run performance testing easily.

Components of all Loadrunner:

(Vugen): Vugen is principally utilized to document an program company flow and create the scripts. As soon as you create the script, then you can boost the script by simply adding different transaction titles, check points.

Control: controller is the part where You upload Vugen scripts, mimic hundreds of customers, and track different servers, application servers and database servers to obtain the bottlenecks from the software.

Evaluation: You can utilize evaluation after the Load test was completed. The analysis instrument provides you different charts to swiftly identify the bottlenecks. You’re able to compare and combine different charts utilizing this instrument.

Used to create loading from different machines. You are able to put in load generators in different machines and also link to the control. The control will serve as a master, so command all of the load generators, and then accumulates all of the information from loading generators.

Load Generator

Protocol to document a program with Vugen. It scans all of the program, captures different components and indicates that the list of protocols.

How Do loadrunner functions:

LoadRunner Works by making virtual users that take the area of actual users operating customer software, like sending orders with the HTTP protocol to IIS or Apache web servers. Requests from several digital user customers are made by Load Generators so as to make a load on several servers under evaluation

These loading generator brokers have been started and stopped by Mercury’s Control program. The controllers load evaluation runs based on Scenarios invoking compiled Scripts and related Run-time Settings.

Scripts are created with Mercury’s “Virtual user-friendly Generator” (called “V U Gen”) It creates C-language script code to be executed by electronic users by capturing network traffic involving Internet application servers and clients.

Together with Java customers, VuGen captures calls from highlighting in the client JVM. Throughout runs, the standing of every machine is tracked by the controller.

In the conclusion of every run, the program combines its tracking logs using logs got from loading generators, making them available on the “Evaluation” program, which may subsequently produce run result reports and charts including Microsoft Word, Crystal Reports, or even a HTML page browser.

Every HTML report page created by Investigation includes a URL to results at a text document that Microsoft Excel may open to perform additional investigation.

Errors during every run are kept in a database that could be read by Microsoft Access.


Course Objectives

LoadRunner Features

  • New Tuning Module Add-In.
  • WAN Emulation Support.
  • Sun ONE Studio4 IDE Add-in.
  • JBuilder for Java IDE Add-in.
  • Native ICA Support for Citrix MetaFrame.
  • Web Transaction Breakdown Monitor to Isolating Performance Issues.
  • Information Wizard to Data-Driven Testing..
  • Goal-Oriented Screening with AutoLoad.
  • Enterprise Java Bean Testing.
  • XML Support.


  • Introduction to LoadRunner
  • LoadRunner Installation.
  • Virtual User generator
  • Parameterization
  • C functions and File concepts
  • Runtime Settings
  • LR and Protocol Specific Functions
  • Controller
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Introduction to Performance Testing
  • Data Assignment methods
  • Data Update Modes
  • Configuring Run time settings