Mainframe Course Overview

A mainframe is an high-performance pc employed for large scale computing purposes which require higher availability and safety than the usual smaller-scale machine may offer. Now, IBM highlights that their mainframes may be utilised to function dispersed users and more compact servers within a computing system.


Course Objectives

  • Large Amount of CPU using Greatest Processing Power:

It has highest processing capacity and also to support this there’s multitude of CPU’s using higher processing power embedded inside the framework.

  • Massive Performance Capacity:

As explained prior to the mainframe software takes its presence from large-scale operations and also to support that facility that the memory capacity embedded inside mainframe is quite big, in some instances it could also be about over 8 Gigabyte.

  • Improved Performance by Sharing Decals:

These programs have the ability to split the workload of different chips and output and input devices. This creates its processing ability and power to become effective and boosts its performance.

  • Centralized Computing:

The system manages centralized computing where each of the operations occurs in the chip element of mainframe and the results have been observed from the background monitor with the assistance of a utility or program running on the mainframe background.

Mainframes is likely to operate mainframe systems less a single computer but as a series of digital machines because it  have the ability to run multiple operating systems

  • Supports Time Post Ability:

From the feature of Time Sharing Ability supported by mainframes it’s feasible for tens of thousands of consumers to operate and utilize the machine concurrently with efficacy.

  • Reliability:

The key significant feature of the program has been its Reliability that made its use broad spread among industrial customers.

  • Availability:

Since we’ve observed the mainframe program and program takes its presence in complex and critical business software which requires the machine to become available at all times together with 100 percent throughput. This is totally achievable and supplied by mainframe system and it is quite impossible to listen to any system outage for almost any motives in a mainframe system which makes its availability for software throughout. The above will be achieved by mainframe system using its own excellent design where memory chips, memory busses, I/O stations and power equipment are supplied with a couple more, ensuring that the system availability during.

  • Serviceability:

It’s likely to replace the majority of the elements in the mainframe system using the machine operating simultaneously. Certain elements like CPU if desired to be replaced naturally requires the machine operation to be closed down in that case that is achieved through the scheduled outage as per the customers advantage.


  • IBM Mainframe Basic Concepts,
  • Introduction to Mainframe Technology,
  •  TSO ISPF Essentials,
  • JCL,
  • COBOL Programming,
  • CICS
  • The Testing Cycle,
  • Problems Encountered While Testing
  • Compiling & Linking Programs,
  • Structured Programming Techniques,
  •  Inter-Program Communication,
  • VSAM File Processing,
  • Advanced Table Processing,
  • Additional Language Features
  • Introduction to CICS,
  • CICS Commands,
  • Basic Mapping Support,
  • Program Basics,
  • CICS Program Construction,
  • Program Control,
  • File Control,
  • Abnormal Termination