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Corporate trainings offer the best online training for Networking which includes the topics

  • Introduction to Networking
  • LAN Architecture
  • Computing Platforms
  • Network Operating Systems
  • System Architectures
  • Internetworking
  • Telecommunications Overview


Networking Course Overview

Networking is a process of linking a few computers for discussing. Throughout the networking, computers share information such as email, document, files and resources like printer, internet and disk storage. This article presents a succinct summary of what computer networking is and the way it works.

Networking has only one purpose and that is sharing. Therefore, if you have nothing to talk about, media has nothing to do you. If you’d like to talk about, networking is everything for you. Computer networking is not a new idea. It has been here because the computers used to look like abacuses. At that time media was used to share abacus response with other individuals. During the time abacuses became computers and media became more complex. To accomplish this goal networks today use electric cables, fiber optic cables, and wireless receiver signals.

Requirement of Networking

Following are the Vital elements for network:

Client computers

End devices that users use to access the common resources. Normally they run desktop edition of OS for example Window 10, Window 7, 7, and Window XP. Client computers can also be referred to as workstations.

Server computers

Computers that offer shared resources. Usually they run sever variation of OS for example Window Server 8, Windows or 2003, Linux and NetWare. Server servers run several specialized services to control both the shared resources.

Network interface card

NIC is an interface that enables the computer to communicate on the network. Every computer should have a NIC so as to get in touch with the system. In earlier period it was a separate card and need to be installed on motherboard. All modern computers have it as the integral portion of motherboard.

Communication links

Communication links are all physical networking. Every computer system needs some type of press to transmit the data.


As soon as we have two or more computers in network, we cannot connect them straight. We are in need of a strategy device that allows us to connect all computers together. Switches do this work thankfully. Each switch contains a particular number of interfaces.


Router is an intermediate device that speaks every one vocabulary of community.

Course Objectives

Benefits of Networking

  • Media allows us to discuss three main things: information, resources and applications.
  • Information sharing

Networking makes it effortless to share the information throughout the network. We can send or receive data files from other computers. We can communicate with one another in network via messaging application as an example email service, chat service etc.. We can store data from a concentrated sever for simple management.

  • Resources Sharing

Particular computer resources could be shared within the network such as hard disk, printer, scanner, modem etc.. This allows us to track down the applications of resources. For example a network administrator could setup a printer server and discuss it in system. Then user may utilize printer server for printing. Currently administrator needs only to track the printing server instead of individual workstations.

  • Application Sharing

Application sharing has become the most common in companies. Companies may have company application that needs to be update by many users. Sharing make it possible. It allows several users to work together on a single application.


Introduction to Networking

The OSI Model Layers 1 – 4

The OSI Model Layers 5 – 7

LAN Architecture

Computing Platforms

Network Operating Systems

System Architectures


Telecommunications Overview