About Corporate Trainings

Corporate trainings is the best training institute, consultancy, and advancement Organization. It offers cutting edge and placement assistance for courses. The organization is advanced and driven by a group of experts. The organization offers MNC condition and framework. The students advantage the offices of working continuously. Our mentors are exceptionally enrolled from IT majors. Our institute offers QC educational modules likewise contains preparing for talks with dealing with procedures and selective classes on industry arranged mindfulness programs by area specialists. The QC training includes

  • Introduction
  • Test Plan
  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Project Customization

Qc Course Overview

Quality management is the collection of steps and procedures to follow so as to make certain that the quality of a product is both preserved and improved against a group of benchmarks that any errors encountered are either eliminated or reduced. The attention to quality control would be to make sure that the product and product production aren’t only consistent but also in accordance with customer requirements.

Quality management resembles quality assurance. Among the features of all quality control is that the usage of well-defined controllers. It attracts standardization to the procedure. Most businesses have a quality control/assurance section that offers the set of criteria to be followed for every single product. Either an internal team or even a third party team is employed to ascertain whether the products which are sent meet those criteria.

Effective quality management ought to be able to address both those issues. Quality management can help companies in enhancing their products in the marketplace along with brand awareness. Additionally, it aids in addressing liability issues, preparation and decision making, along with meeting customer needs. The hard work and fund involved with product delivery could be considerably improved with the assistance of quality management.


Course Objectives

  • Encourages quality comprehension
  • Satisfaction of customers
  • Reduction in production price
  • Most effective utilisation of resources
  • Reduction of inspection cost
  • Greater goodwill
  • Higher moral of employees
  • Improved employer-employee connections
  • Improved techniques and methods for production
  • Effective ad
  • Facilitates price fixation
  • Increased earnings


  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Server Side Configurations
  • Common Functionalities
  • Management
  • Requirements
  • Test Plan
  • Test Lab
  • QTP – QC Integration
  • Defects
  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Project Customization