QTP Course Overview

QTP is an automation and regression instrument utilized to examine various software programs. It performs functional testing via user interface and site. QTP / / UFT professionals utilize VB script speech to successfully perform the test procedures and command the program. QTP / / UFT assist to decrease the testing cycles while still implementing the test instances. It’s quite straightforward to use QTP to examine the test instances. QTP is supported by internet applications, windows software and visual basic software by providing support to other programming languages.

  • It supports different technologies such as net, coffee, dot internet, SAP, oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel.
  • Basic testing approach to make an evaluation is listing and playback.

HP Quick test professional (QTP) is a automation testing instrument for analyzing software programs and surroundings using a detailed approach. QTP is your top tech tool and provide result oriented coaching methods utilizing VB script terminology to generate test your objects and applications under test management.

Now there are lots of test automation applications available on the marketplace. But, Quick Test Professional is the most frequently used instrument for the purpose of Evaluation automation, and it has emerged since the test automation instrument of choice for its software industry. HP-QTP is thought of as a typical tool for the purpose of evaluation automation. A few of the aspects which contribute to the broad scale endorsement of QTP as a tool for functional and regression test automation are all listed below.

  • Comparatively user friendly compared to plenty of different tools available on the market.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Several features.
  • QTP is relatively easier for a non invasive person to accommodate compared to plenty of different tools available on the market.
  • HP QTP may be extended using separate add-ins for several of development environments which aren’t supported out-of-the-box.
  • Very Good availability of professionals.

Nowadays analyzing is a large challenge for each and every business to continuously improve and take care of the efficacy and quality of software development products. Suppose you dismissed the testing procedure for the development projects because of time and cost constraints, this may be lead large issues like customer dissatisfaction, quality of this product and lack of company growth. To reduce all of these issues the majority of the organizations are using automatic testing instrument to get their software development products. Automated test cases frequently run quite quickly, as a result of recycled sections within corresponding evaluations. You will find far more automatic tools available but the principal reason utilizing QTP is keyword driven frame. It is among the principal thing people are going to QTP and it is a hottest functional and regression testing instrument from HP.


Course Objectives

Some Features of QTP are

  •     Simplicity of Usage.
  •     Straightforward interface.
  •     Presents the test situation for a company workflow into your tester (easier to comprehend).
  •     Utilizes a true programming language (Microsoft’s VBScript) using many resources available.
  •     QuickTest Pro is significantly easier to get a non invasive person to accommodate and create functioning test instances, in comparison to WinRunner.
  •     Data table integration easier and simpler to work with than WinRunner.
  •     Evaluation Run Iterations/Data driving an evaluation is simpler and better execute with QuickTest.
  •     Parameterization simpler than WinRunner.
  •     Can improve existing QuickTest scripts with no “Program Under Test” available; employing the ActiveScreen.
  •     Better thing identification mechanism.
  •     Numerous current functions readily available for execution – both from inside QuickTest Professional and VBScript.
  •     Integrates using TestDirector and WinRunner (may kick off WinRunner broadcasts out of QuickTest).


UFT Tool Fundamentals and Features

  • Overview on Test Automation
  • Basic Features of UFT Tool
  • Overview on UFT Tool
  • Software Test Process
  • UFT Test Process
  • Recording and Running Tests
  • Types of Objects in UFT
  • Object Repository
  • Object Identification Configuration
  • Prerequisites for Generating Tests
  • Keyword Driven Methodology
  • Types of Statements in UFT Test
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Test Methods or Operations
  • Inserting Checkpoints
  • Inserting Output Values
  • Inserting Transaction Points
  • Parameterization
  • Actions
  • Synchronization
  • Environment Variables
  • Debugging Tests
  • Batch Testing
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • UFT Tool Administration

VBScript for UFT Test Automation

  • Overview on VBScript
  • Adding Comments
  • VBScript Data Types
  • VBScript Variables
  • VBScript Constants
  • VBScript Operators
  • VBScript Conditional Statements
  • VBScript Loop Statements
  • Built-in Functions
  • User Defined Functions
  • Regular Expressions
  • File System Operations
  • Excel Application Operations
  • Database Operations
  • Dictionary Object
  • Error handling in VbScript
  • VbScript Coding Conventions

UFT Scripting

  • Windows Scripting
  • Web Scripting

Automation Framework Design and Implementation

  • Test Planning
  • Automation Framework Theory
  • Automation Framework Implementation Practical