RequireJS Course Overview

RequireJS is a document loader and JavaScript library that manages the dependencies between JavaScript documents and in modular programming.

Why utilize RequireJS?

  • It supplies 1 module loading.
  • If you have lots of tiny files, then do not need to be concerned about keeping track of dependencies order.
  • It provides support for plugins and also heaps over one JavaScript documents.


Let us summarize what benefits above “script hell” it supplies:

Asynchronous by character

Dependencies are easy to identify

Avoids international variables

Could be idle loaded if desired

Easily portable

On top of this:

Can be readily configured

Could load multiple variations of the same library

why don’t you begin a job with RequireJS?

It is employed in countless successful production websites, and is widely referenced in JavaScript publications, blog posts, and discussions. I personally directed a job to convert a huge web application to utilize it to get dependency management in my previous occupation, and still use it today in a recent project. So why do I say to not utilize it to your job? You will find two varieties of issues using RequireJS: issues together with the AMD module arrangement, and enhanced competition concerning the features expected in the module loader.

The Issues with AMD


RequireJS requires developers to utilize AMD modules. That choice created a whole lot of awareness in 2011 if RequireJS initially launched. This makes less sense now. In 2011, the sole popular alternative to AMD modules was that the CommonJS standard, also AMD held a technological edge over CommonJS. It was basically a choice involving a scientific superiority and a cleaner API.

Course Objectives

Features of RequireJS

  • It combines and minifies the modules to a single script to get an optimized experience.
  • It reduces code complexity in massive applications.
  • It hastens different JavaScript documents from different modules in the time of compilation.
  • It allows for simple debugging since it loads the documents from simple script tags.


  • Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Configuration
  • AMD Modules
  • Defining Function
  • Optimizer
  • jQuery
  • NodeJS
  • Dojo
  • CommonJS
  • Plugins