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For the corporates, it is a blend of programming bundles and stages, going from the low-end to the top of the line. Also, for a similarly differed demographic, that incorporate medium and expansive, private and in addition open undertakings and programming advancement organizations.

Our preparation division is bolstered by the situation cell, which helps the applicants on go to meet in IT majors and end up noticeably fruitful. The ideal mix of individuals, vision, and innovation can bring about imaginative arrangements. The scope of practical experience and ranges of abilities give any organization the correct establishment to investigate the domains of rising advances and to create answers for what’s to come. Corporate Trainings¬†is one of the best institutes for Salesforce CRM training in Hyderabad Bangalore and Chennai This includes

  • ¬†Introduction
  • Data Security
  • Process Builder
  • Visualforce


Salesforce CRM Course Overview

Salesforce is a major CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that is served form cloud. It has more than 800 applications to support various features such as creating new leads, obtaining new leads, increasing sales and closing the deals. It is designed to deal with the business’s data focused on customer and sales details. In addition, it offers features to customize its inbuilt data structures and GUI to suit the specific needs of a company. More recently, it’s begun offering the IOT (internet of things) connectivity to the CRM platform.


Course Objectives

Features of Salesforce CRM

  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management

It gives the details of the stage a deal is in, the products involved in the agreement, the quote for the bargain etc.. In short it manages all of the data that helps in identifying, progressing and closing a deal.

  • Salesforce Engage
  • Revenue Collaboration

This feature aids in quickly finding experts who can aid in completing a deal based on customer queries and feedback. In short, it aids in bringing in a collaborative effort to engage an whole team from the deal and make the deal happen.

  • Revenue Performance Management

It gives a metric-based goal setting, along with constant feedback and rewards and fame for the sales team.

  • Lead Management

This feature initiates and monitors the leads that are in progress. It also helps in optimizing campaigns across every channel.

  • Partner Management

This feature will help in building a neighborhood with partners. Additionally, it helps in linking directly with channel partners to discuss goals, goals, and actions.

  • Salesforce Mobile App

This is the mobile platform to perform all the above activities on a mobile platform.

  • Workflow and Approvals

It’s a visual layout to automate the company processes. The port offers easy drag and drop options to make this design. It assists in developing a flexible approval process with bargain discounts and expense direction etc..

  • Email Integration

Salesforce may integrate to an present email platform. This helps in providing flexibility to the present team without any additional learning curve.

  • Files Sync and Share

This feature provides the sales team the power to easily share many files, talk about them and upgrade them as required. Also receive alerts whenever something in the file varies.

  • Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards offer a real-time image of the business at a glance. For this, anyone can create detailed reports that may be accessed from anywhere.

  • Sales Forecasting

This feature can help in obtaining a real-time view of the prediction of a sales team. It offers multi-currency support and an in-line recording mode to manage the sales forecast well.



  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Navigating Setup
  • Salesforce Objects
  • Standard Objects
  • Custom Objects
  • Master Detail
  • Lookup Relationship
  • Schema Builder

Data Security

  • Control Access Org
  • Control Access Objects
  • Control Access Fields
  • Control Access Records
  • Create a Role Hierarchy
  • Define Sharing Rules

Process Builder

  • Automate Business Processes
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Using Formula Fields


  • Visualforce Pages
  • Variables & Formulas
  • Standard Controllers
  • Records, Fields & Tables
  • Using Forms
  • List Controllers
  • Static Resources