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Corporate training institute Offer Real-time Project explanation and technical assistance even after course completion. The institute is top IT Educational Institute which offers world-class nature of instruction and an extensive variety of courses. The Institute has a devoted arrangement group to enable students to land position situation in different IT work parts with real organizations. Corporate trainings offer best online training for Selenium with Python with top industry experts. The course topics are as follows:


  • Introduction
  • Python Programming
  • Execution steps
  • Selenium- Web Driver
  • Automation Framework
  • PyAutoGUI

Selenium with Python Course Overview

Python is an object oriented programming language, which runs on Linux, Windows and Mac which turns it into cross platform. Therefore, both compilation and linkage aren’t required. Python was assembled with an emphasis on readability and simplicity, it is perfectly scalable and concerning performance, Python will provide high performance.

The popularity of Python derives from the shallow learning curve, its readability and also the great supply of libraries. Among other things, Python could handle compressed files, mathematical functions, regular expressions, data communications, graphic interfaces, operating with OS services and more.

Certainly, Selenium job couldn’t overlook this speech when determining to support different programming languages for Selenium WebDriver. Notwithstanding, it isn’t popular as JavaScript or Java beneath Selenium’s domain, however it’s well-known among test automation and API developers.


Course Objectives

  • Java programs have a tendency to run slower in contrast to Python programs.
  • Java utilizes traditional braces to begin and ends cubes, whereas Python uses indentation.
  • Java employs static scanning, whereas Python is dynamically typed.
  • Python is easier and more streamlined in comparison to Java.



  • Why do we need Selenium? (Though, there are many automation tools are available)
  • Selenium with Java vs. Python (pros and cons)
  • Program structure

Python Programming

  • Basic Programming in Python
  • Function & Parameters in Python
  • Python Data structures and operation
  • Python – File Operations
  • Python –Modules
  • Python – Object Oriented Programming

Execution steps

  • Environment setup(python, Pycharm, Selenium and etc.,)
  • Introduction with Python and Pycharm
  • First Script on Selenium

Selenium- Web Driver

  • Introduction to Web driver and Remote vs. Local
  • Guide to install Web driver
  • Creating your first script on Web driver
  • Accessing Forms in Web driver
  • Accessing Links and Table content in Web driver
  • Remote web driver

Automation Framework

  • Advanced Web element access method- Contains, Sibling, Ancestor and etc.,
  • Framework designing methods
  • Framework adaptation
  • Feature Testing Automation
  • Report Generation out of Automation
  • Real time Automation and the Challenges

PyAutoGUI – Controlling Mouse and Keyboard

  • Introduction to pyautogui
  • Accessing Flash content using pyautogui
  • Controlling Keyboard and Mouse events on web driver

Selenium With Python