Selenium Course Overview

Selenium is a open-source Application Tool That’s used for Evaluation automation. It is really a package of applications which aids in automating just web software. This tutorial can provide you with an indepth comprehension of Selenium and its related tools along with their usage.

Selenium is a open-source and also a portable automatic software It’s capabilities to operate over different browsers and operating systems. It isn’t simply one tool but a pair of applications which aids individuals to automate web-based software better.

Features of Selenium

Combination of instrument and DSL — It is a absolute Combination of applications and DSL (Domain Specific Language) as a way to perform various types of evaluations. It allows one to list the evaluations taken out throughout the browser.

Programs a wealthy speech for evaluations — It utilizes DSL In-order To check the internet software. This terminology includes 200 controls and is a simple programming language to master.

A flexible vocabulary — After the test instances are prepared, they Could be executed on almost any operating system such as Linux, Macintosh, etc..

Reduce evaluation implementation time — It supports concurrent evaluation Implementation which decrease the period required in executing parallel evaluations.

Tool & Guide:


Firefox plugin which allows individuals to capture their actions since they follow the workflow that they will need to try.


Handheld Remote Control (RC) has been the flagship testing Frame that allowed significantly more than simple browser actions along with linear implementation.


It is your successor to Selenium-RC that Sends orders directly into the browser and also retrieves results.


It is a tool utilized to run concurrent evaluations across


Course Objectives

  • Selenium is a open-source application.
  • Could be extended for a variety of engineering which expose DOM browsers.
  • May execute scripts on many different operating systems.
  • Supports cellular devices.
  • Executes checks inside the browser, therefore concentrate Isn’t required While script implementation is in advance.
  • Can execute evaluations in parallel with Using Selenium Grids.

Why Corporate Trainings?

For the corporates, it is a blend of programming bundles and stages, going from the low-end to the top of the line. Also, for a similarly differed demographic, that incorporate medium and expansive, private and in addition open undertakings and programming advancement organizations.

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  • Overview
  • IDE
  • Environment Setup
  • Remote Control
  • Selenese Commands
  • WebDriver
  • Locators
  • User Interactions
  • Test Design Techniques
  • TestNG