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Six Sigma Course Overview

Six Sigma is the management philosophy trying to improve effectiveness and efficiency and the strategy for pursuing continuous improvement in customer gain and satisfaction. Six Sigma’s goal would be to eliminate waste and inefficiency, thus increasing customer satisfaction by providing apparently what the customer is expecting.

Black Belt

The person owning this buckle has achieved the maximum ability level and will be a highly experienced expert in a variety of techniques. As applied to this Six Sigma program, the person designated as a Black Belt has finished a comprehensive internal training program and has the experience focusing on many projects. The black belt holder is normally awarded the role of a team leader, the person who’s accountable for implementation and monitoring.

Master Black Belt

A person who addresses the team or its leadership; however isn’t an immediate member of this team itself. This could possibly be equal to the role performed by the trainer, or to get more specialized and intricate jobs. The Master Black Belt is available to answer procedural questions and also to solve the technical issues that appear.

Green Belt

Even the Green Belt designation may also belong to the team leader or to some part of their team working right with the team boss. A Green Belt is much less experienced than the usual Black Belt however is throw in an integral role in the team.


Course Objectives

  • It follows a structured approach, also has defined roles for its participants.
  • It is a data-driven methodology, also requires accurate data set for those procedures being linked.
  • It is about placing results in Financial Statements.
  • Improving Processes
  • Lowering Defects
  • Reducing process variability
  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits
  • Essential Concepts of Six Sigma
  • In its core, Six Sigma revolves around some great concepts.
  • Crucial to Quality − Attributes most important to your customer.
  • Defect − Failing to deliver precisely what the customer needs.


  • Introduction
  • Key Elements
  • Organization
  • Get Started
  • Methodology
  • Define Phase
  • Measure Phase
  • Analyze Phase
  • Improve Phase
  • Control Phase
  • Technical Tools
  • Defect Metrics
  • Summary
  • Six Sigma Glossary
  • Glossary

Six Sigma