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  • Introduction and Overview
  • UI Design Process
  • Psychology and Human Factors for User Interface Design

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UI Technologies Course Overview

User interface a part of software also can be designed such a manner that it’s expected to offer the user awareness of this software. UI offers basic platform for both human-computer interaction. UI may either be hardware or software or even some combination of the two.

The software becomes more popular if its user interface is:

  • Attractive
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive in Limited Time
  • Apparent to Comprehend
  • Consistent on most of interfacing screens


Course Objectives

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Graphical User Interface gives the consumer graphical method to interact with this machine. GUI may be combination of both the hardware and software. Utilizing GUI, consumer interprets this software.
  • Typically, GUI is much more resource intensive than this of CLI. With advancing technologies, both the programmers and designers produce complex GUI designs which operate with much more efficiency, precision and speed.
  • User Interaction:
  • Even the unique and appealing UI designs, raise the consumer interaction on your own page traffic. The prior enable the consumers to comprehend the functionality of a web site or a webpage, and reach their aims with no inconveniences.
  • The UI designs can’t just attract page traffic but also guarantee value for your time and resources spent on one webpage.
  • Customer Engagement:
  • A convincing and appealing UI designs improve the customer engagement which contributes to improved conversion ratio along with earnings and lead generation.
  • A well designed user interface offers end-to finish solutions to match all of the requirements of an individual.
  • Fantastic design dwindles consumer frustration and results in more favorable reinforcements of your business. Elysian customers not merely signify that you simply keep the customers you’ve got, but in addition, it enhances the odds that you’ll be able to pull new customers through reviews and word of mouth.
  • Production Costs:
  • Fantastic user interface design assists your organization dwindle your production expenses. If the earnings and the advertising teams understand about the flaws of a product in a subsequent period, the business might need to devote a whole lot of time, energy and money to repair issues.
  • Aside from that another product’s development are postponed as the production team has also devote its time repairing the present the present product.
  • Customer Productivity:
  • If the product has nicely designed user interface, then your customers will not rely on online assistance and training materials and also be far more productive. For this reason, they may experience hardly any mistakes and if they create any mistakes, fantastic documentation and online assistance will help out with rectifying them.
  • A fantastic interface layout dwindles the amount of unnecessary training that your company must supply.
  • Lower Customer Support Prices:
  • The expense of customer support to get a high tech business is 60 percent of their overall expenses. If customers find that the user interface simple to work with, they won’t have the requirement of calling customer support consequently reducing the latter’s prices.
  • Brand Resource:
  • With compelling and interactive User Interface designs, it is possible to readily convince your customers to remain faithful to you along with your manufacturer new.


Introduction and Overview

  • UI Design and Why it Matters
  • User Interface Hall of Fame / Shame
  • UI Disasters, including GPS fails

UI Design Process

  • Design Process Introduction
  • Designing to Address a Problem w/o Solution Ideas
  • Designing for a known solution direction
  • Designing to iterate on/improve an existing solution
  • Common Elements
  • Usability Engineering and Task-Centered Approaches
  • Use Cases, Personas, Tasks, and Scenarios
  • Intro to Design-Centered Approaches
  • Design-Centered Methods & When They Work Best

Psychology and Human Factors for User Interface Design

  • Short- and long-term memory, attention
  • Perception and visualization, hierarchy
  • Mistakes, Errors, and Slips
  • Conceptual models
  • The Gulf of Execution and the Gulf of Evaluation
  • Design Principles: Visibility, Feedback, Mappings, Constraints
  • Interacting beyond individuals (social psychology)
  • High-Level Models: Distributed Cognition, Activity Theory, Situated Action

Ui Technologies