WCF Course Overview

WCF stands out for Windows Communication Foundation. It’s but one of the most recent technology of Microsoft that’s used to build service-oriented software.

It premiered for the very first time in 2006 as a portion of the .NET frame with Windows Vista, and after that got upgraded a few times. WCF 4.5 is still the latest version that’s currently widely utilized.

A program includes three elements −

The platform can also be called the Service Model.

Fundamental Theories


This can be a communication device which comprises of many parts aside from the body. Message examples are delivered in addition to obtained for all types of communication involving the customer and the service.


Additionally, it specifies the communication mechanism to explain the way the messages will be transmitted along with specifying the collection of messages.

It includes of several binding components which produce the infrastructure for communication. By way of instance, a binding conditions that the protocols used for transport such as TCP, HTTP, etc., the structure of message communicating, as well as the protocols associated with safety in addition to reliability.

  • Contracts − This is a set of operations which specifies exactly what functionality the endpoint unlocks into the customer. It generally contains a interface name.


Hosting in the viewpoint of WCF identifies the WCF service hosting that could be accomplished through many available options including self-hosting, IIS hosting, hosting along with WAS hosting.


This can be a significant idea since it facilitates simple interaction between a client program and also a WCF service. Usually, metadata for a WCF service is created automatically when enabled, which is carried out by inspection of service along with its own endpoints.


A client application which gets made for exposing the service operations at the kind of methods is referred to as a WCF customer. This may be hosted with any program, although the one which really does service hosting.


Different types of stations become piled and are called Channel Stacks.



Course Objectives

Benefits of WCF

  • it’s interoperable with respect to additional services. That is in sharp contrast to .NET Remoting where both the customer and the service should possess.Net.
  • The services offer improved reliability in addition to safety compared with ASMX (Active Server Methods) web services.
  • Implementing the safety model and binding shift in WCF don’t require a significant shift in coding. Only a couple of configuration modifications is required to meet the limits.
  • It has built-in logging mechanism whereas, at different technology, it’s crucial to perform the requisite programming language.
  • It has incorporated AJAX and support to JSON (JavaScript thing notation).
  • It’s a default protection mechanism that’s extremely strong.


  • Overview
  • Versus Web Service
  • Developers Tools
  • Architecture
  • Creating WCF Service
  • Hosting WCF Service
  • WCS – IIS Hosting
  • Self-Hosting
  • WAS Hosting
  • Windows Service Hosting
  • Consuming WCF Service
  • Service Binding
  • Instance Management
  • Transactions
  • RIA Services
  • Security
  • Exception Handling